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To receive more information about our project, and to find out how to get involved in your area, fill out this form and you'll hear from us within 48 hours.


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Rainbow Princess Network began in 2001 as a small group of quality websites that focus on the incredibly talented vocalist, recording artist, and performer, Mariah Carey. Within a year it expanded to include some of the most incredible and influential Mariah websites on the net. In mid-2002 Ashes began what is now known to fans as the "RPN Project," asking
Kelley and Lisa of Mariah Constellation to manage the project in the United States. The aim is to promote Mariah's new album at the local level to make a global impact. The website you are looking at right now is the USA headquarters for the entire project, a sort of home base for all the states that are involved.

At the present time we are covering six states, with the number continuing to grow every week. State managers create mailing lists and/or websites to gather fans in their local area, share radio request information, get together to show support for Mariah when she's in their town, etc. Some of the most dedicated fans in the world have given tremendous support to this project, and there is definitely strength in numbers. We are making an impact on radio, with Through the Rain declared a success (by DJs and critics!) before the single was even released.

If you want to participate in this project, enter your name and e-mail address at your left. We will contact you with detailed instructions and get you started right away. To see who else is currently involved,
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